Literally: “The way” or “The path”.
Philosophically: The guiding principle combining within itself the laws of yin and yang (balance of light and dark).
We apply this to how we conduct ourselves at iflix. But y’know, not in a cult way.

The Tao of iflix embodies us as a company. To love us, is to understand our values. To know the people who work in it, is to see how they live, breathe and embrace the culture.


Our Values

These values are our X-factor.
We do things a little differently.


Everyone deserves to be entertained

whether you’re big, small, young, young-at-heart (old is a strong word), a casual movie-lover, or a serial binge-watcher. That belief is what drives us. It’s our life’s mission. Crazy, we know. But we love it, and you will too!

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