What we stand for

Our Values

These values are our X-factor. We do things a little differently.

In talk and tech, be accessible to everyone. Get straight to the point. Embrace ‘less is more’. Romance it. ‘Less is more’ is your new lover.

Half baked is only appropriate for cookies.
Ditto for substandard quality.

This means being human, honest, and accountable. Have real conversations with real people.
REALLY listen. Go beyond the pretty, shiny surface and delve into the beautifully flawed. Support and connect.

Be your best-self, unique quirks welcomed. If you need to stay up all night, it better be to finish that series you’ve been binge-watching. Don’t burn the midnight oil just to appear dedicated.
Don’t make it a habit to miss dinner with your partner, your kid’s music recital, that overdue hair appointment (because let’s be honest, all these things are just as, if not more important as work!)

Take challenges head on, and continue to disrupt the status quo. Speak up and tell it like it is.
You don’t need to continuously seek permission (because we trust you to get it right and own the fallout if it bombs) Without the courage to try new ideas, nothing moves forward.

Always remember the Sunshine Law: be confident that your decisions and actions stand up to public scrutiny. Break the rules, just not the law.
We don’t do bail.

Because there’s always a better way, and we’ll find it. Try different approaches, change and adapt. Ask for feedback and learn. Ask how things work. Indulge the inner child in you (the one that’s always looking for answers, not the bratty one).

Don’t beat yourself up over a failure (it’s where success is born). We love people who ask questions. Remember, there are no silly questions. Are there?

We are cheeky and fun, and at times, a little bit silly. We are a serious business but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Come to work in colourful quirky outfits. Challenge your colleagues to a cross-dress lip-sync face-off or a DJ battle. Celebrate weirdness.

You are still responsible for your professional commitments and deadlines. Be respectful and supportive to your colleagues and yourself. Playtime should be fun, not dangerous.